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    Tips For ‘Our New Normal’ While Staying Home

    Here in Florida we are almost a month into “our new normal” of work and school from home and while it has been a daily adjustment, there are some things that we have found to be very helpful. For me, it seems to be the little things that help the day go more smoothly.

    1. Start every day with quiet time. For me it’s reading my devotional, but it could also be meditation or an inspirational book. I also try to go for a walk. This gives me time to process all that I have read about that morning.


    1. Drink plenty of water. Because we are not in our normal routine of going to the gym and being out and about, I noticed I was forgetting to drink water. So after I have my first cup of coffee I make sure to pour a glass of water and take my vitamins. I try to make an effort to keep the same glass for the day and to have at least 10 glasses. I do feel better overall if I am well hydrated.


    1. Make my bed! Since we aren’t leaving house, it’s easy to fall into the lazy trap and let the house go and the beds remain messy. Getting myself into a daily routine of making my bed (and having the kids make theirs) helps the house feel more tidy and it helps us feel ready for a new day. I will admit, the days are definitely starting to run together so it feels good to be ready for the new day.


    1. Get ready each day! Even if it’s not until a little later in the morning and even if it is in comfy clothes, it has really helped me feel a sense of normalcy. If you are good with sitting in your PJ’s and relaxing all day, that’s OK too but for me it has helped me a lot. I am the type of person who ‘gets ready’ even if I am working from home because it puts me in work mode, so getting ready has helped me feel more normal and productive on these days when we are just at home all day. It helps me feel so much more productive!


    1. Put together a project list! I love a good list and the feeling of accomplishing each item on the list so if we are going to be spending so much time at home, we are going to make the most of it! I’ve been putting together a list of projects that we can do to help pass the time. And you know what, we have actually felt super busy as we start to tackle our new normal and it’s been a great distraction. We started with small organization projects that never get done, tidying loose ends from projects we had already started, and we are starting some outdoor ones soon for the summer. Our first outdoor project is a summer garden and I can’t wait!


    1. Enjoy the little moments. In some ways, I have really enjoyed this time with just my family. We are enjoying the slower pace of life, no sports schedule, no personal to-do lists, or trying to get things done. We’ve had a lot of baking sessions, science experiments, game nights, art projects and cuddle time. Enjoying those moments and being grateful for family time has been wonderful.


    1. Exercise! Just because gyms are closed doesn’t mean you have to sit on a couch all day. Whether it’s doing yoga or Crossfit in the mornings from a YouTube video, going for a run, or doing a home workout from Pinterest. Keep your body healthy and your mind off everything. We have been doing family walks and at home yoga workouts and it makes a positive difference in our days!


    1. Get more sleep. I will be the first to admit I don’t get enough sleep on a normal basis. But I have been making a conscious effort to go to bed a little earlier, allow the kids and I to sleep in a bit longer before we start school since we don’t have drive time. Rest is so important!


    I hope you all are taking care of yourselves during this time. Are there any routine you have incorporated that help you through each day?


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